Cutting edge gas sensor technology

  • Novel gas sensor based on conducting polymers
  • Innovative manufacturing method ensuring more precise measurement of gases, predominantly hydrogen and/or ammonia, by application of chemical and electrochemical means
  • Enhanced performance through plasma treatment of the outer surface of conducting polymers 

Wide range of applications

  • Invention applicable in the field of gas sensors, especially gas sensors for hydrogen detection, predominately used for safety reasons or monitoring in various industries, including manufacturing, semiconductors, nuclear energy and environmental protection
  • Wide-range of applications with respect to the growing hydrogen economy and increase in use of hydrogen fuel cell

Competitive technology

  • Available at a fraction of cost as no noble metals such as palladium are used in production compared to conventional gas sensors
  • Lower operational costs, allowing for immediate repeat use 
  • High sensitivity (1 ppm for hydrogen; 0.5 ppm for ammonia), even in circumstances with low gas concentration
  • Fast response time and improved stability
  • Production process utilizing commonly available infrastructure

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